About Our Flotilla

As a unit of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 35-6 Chicago consists of nearly 65 members from the greater metropolitan Chicago area. We actively patrol Chicago area waterways and regularly meet with the boating public at marinas and in classrooms.

As the volunteer component of the U.S. Coast Guard (Team Coast Guard), we directly support all of its missions except direct military and law enforcement actions. Team Coast Guard is composed of an active-duty force of 41,000 men and women, augmented by the 8,000-member Coast Guard Reserve, the 32,000-strong all-volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary, and a civilian workforce of 5,500.


We serve side-by-side with active duty and reserve members of Coast Guard Station Chicago (located along the Lake Michigan shoreline at 98th Street in Chicago), Coast Guard Station Wilmette Harbor, Marine Safety Unit Chicago, and Station (Small) Chicago  located at the Chicago River Controlling Locks near Chicago's Navy Pier.

Since 2003, and under the leadership of theses individuals, Flotilla 35-6 has been recognized as one of the most active flotillas in its division, providing public educational programs, vessel safety checks, and assisting the U.S. Coast Guard in non-law enforcement programs such as safety patrols, search and rescue, and marine environmental protection.


The members of Flotilla 35-06 volunteer in service to the United States Coast Guard to protect our nation’s citizens, ports, waterways and coastal regions.


Flotilla 35-06 is dedicated to promoting recreational boating safety, operations, marine safety, environmental protection and fellowship.




As volunteer Coast Guardsmen, the members of Flotilla 35-06 remain Semper Paratus, always ready, to support the U.S. Coast Guard and to serve our fellow citizens. We serve with Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty; always adhering to the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity.


By remaining steadfast in carrying out our duties according to these principles we chart a true course to success in the service of the United States Coast Guard, our country and the boating public.



Flotilla 35-06 values and is committed to fostering diversity among its membership. We celebrate all the ways in which people differ, and we insist on an environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and indifference. We strive to be an inclusive, sustaining and supportive flotilla that promotes individual success and the morale and welfare of all our members.